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OBYBSA Board Members

Doug Wigley

TBall Director

Phone: 386-547-8128

Mike Reeves

Rec. Baseball 7-8 Director

Phone: 386-569-9233

Jackie Engelmann

Rec. Baseball 9-10 Director

Phone: 386-334-8938

Joe Thistle

Rec. Baseball 11-12 Director

Phone: 386-405-1578

Joe Thistle

Rec.Baseball 13-15 Director

Phone: 386-405-1578

Doug Wigley

League President & Commisioner, Rec. Baseball 13-15 Director

Phone: 386-547-8128

Dan Krier

League Administrator, Website Administrator

Phone: 386-527-3200

Peter OKeefe

Rec Softball Director

Phone: 386-235-5009

Zoraida Vollinger

League Photographer

Phone: 386-795-6550

Mark Chastain

League Treasurer

Phone: 386-523-4178

Mary Battles

League Secretary

Phone: 386-676-1863

Rob Pontius

League Equipment Coordinator

Phone: 386-566-4098

C.J. Mahlstedt

Executive Director of Basseball, Babe Ruth League Coordiator

Phone: 386-295-4612

Tom Cannon

President, Golden Spikes Competitive Baseball

Phone: (386) 871-3300

Gerry Pitchford

(City Of Ormond Beach) Athletics Director, Also In Charge Of Fields & Maintenance

Phone: 386-295-7015

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